The Hand of Glory

via Jerianne Fulton - Art

It's funny how pursuing a degree in art only seems to eat up time that would otherwise be spent creating art.

via Jerianne Fulton - Art

Random Drawings of the Past Few Months

Quick update on a little of what I've been doodling lately. Follow me on Instagram for more frequent posts -

Sketch Card Vanitas

Copic marker and ink on toned paper.

Hunger Games Sketches

A few sketches done while watching The Hunger Games for the first time.

Artist Highlights

I spend entirely too much a lot of time online stalking being inspired by other artists. All of them have impacted my work in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. I think they deserve a little credit. So here are just a few, in no particular order:

JAW Cooper
I absolutely adore her work, her sketches especially. She has soulful, yet refined line work and impeccable draftsmanship. Her completed paintings are as subtly macabre as they are beautiful.

Find more of her work here:
For works-in-progress and some very useful tutorials, check out her blog: 
And find her on Facebook:


I originally found her through Harry Potter. She has a really excellent gallery of Pottery drawings and character designs. I've always wanted to see the books adapted into animated films, and in a perfect world, she'd be the one I'd put in charge of the operation. I love the simplicity of her character designs, how she is able to communicate so much about the character with just a few quietly confidant lines. Brilliant.

See more of her art here:
And follow her funny, entertaining, and informative blog here:

Megan Lara

 Alright, she's already totally famous, but whatever. Megan is printed very frequently on various tee-a-day sites. Her primary subject matter is pop-culture, but recently she has found success with her original art. She cites Alphonse Mucha as a prominent inspiration in her work and she excels by making the art nouveau style her own.

Find more of her work here:

CT Nelson

I met local artist Ct through my studio drawing teacher, Nathan Abels. He has been a great source of critique and inspiration for me since then. His work is an intriguing blend of classical and urban influences, a mesmerizing mix of the beautiful and the grotesque. Also, he is a super nice guy.

See more of his work here:
And follow him on Facebook:

Nathan Abels

Another Colorado artist, Nathan was my studio drawing teacher and I am so glad to have taken his class. I'm very proud of what I was able to accomplish with his guidance. Nathan is a master of light and atmosphere. His works exude a sense of tension swirling just below the serene facade.

See more of his work here:
And follow his very well-curated blog here:


So there you have it. Check out these amazing and inspiring people and keep an eye on this blog for more artist highlights in the future!

Contest! Win a free Portrait!

To help spread the word about our freshly posted Denver Comic Con profile page, I'm doing a contest to win a free portrait! To enter please go to our DCC profile and click LIKE on the bottom of the page. Then SHARE this post on Facebook (NOTE: you must share it PUBLICLY or I will not be able to see it!), or SHARE this blog post on G+, or TWEET this blog post. You may enter multiple times by sharing in all three ways and/or sharing on multiple days. I will randomly select the winner on Sunday. The winner will receive a portrait done by me of anyone they choose!

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Denver Comic Con 2013!

Yes, that's right, I will be at Denver Comic Con this spring! The con runs May 31st through June 2nd. I'm sharing a table in the Artists Alley with my boyfriend, Clayton Price.

Check out our profile on the DCC website here:

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Gwen Cooper, Torchwood

Just  finished up this one today. I'm planning on submitting it to Teefury, so wish me luck!

Yeti Hunter